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Warranty and Service

What's Covered

Bristol Technologies Sdn Bhd (505938-P) as (“Seller”) warrants any and all of its products including its fixed seating against manufacturing defects for period stated below from the date of substantial completion. Seller will repair or replace any product, which fails under normal and reasonable use of which the product is intended for. Damage or repairs arising from abuse, accident, vandalism, or alteration of the product from its original conditions, shall NOT be considered as manufacturing defects.

This warranty is given to the initial end user of new products purchased from Bristol. The warranty is valid for as long as the initial end user owns the product. The warranty, which is non-transferable, runs from the date of manufacture and covers defects in materials and craftsmanship found during normal usage of the products. If a product is defective and if written notice of the defect is given to Bristol within the Applicable Warranty Period, then Bristol at its option will either repair or replace the defective product with a comparable component or product.



Seating mechanism, adjustable arms, framework, and seating foam.

 FIVE (5) Years

Metal or Alloy structures
Covering: Table leg and beam structures, Panel frames and metal tiles only

 FIVE (5) Years

Wooden worktops, chairs gas lift, seating glides and castors.

 THREE (3) Years

Electromechanical components* (From 2017 onwards)
Covering: Actuator, control box and desk panels only

 FIVE (5) Years

Pedestal, cabinets inclusive of locksets, handles and castors.

 ONE (1) Year

Third-party materials such as Fabric and Leather upholstery**

 Not Applicable

The Applicable Warranty Periods for these products assume that the product is used an average of not more than forty hours per week. If a product is used more than this, then the Applicable Warranty Period for it will be reduced in proportion to the increased usage. For example, if the chair is used at an average of 80 hours per week, then the Applicable Warranty Period for it will be two and half years.

This warranty does not apply to “normal wear and tear,” and it does not apply to any product that has been damaged by transportation or that has been altered without Bristol’s express written authorization or to consumable products. A product will not be considered defective, and Bristol will not be obligated to repair or replace it, if the product is not installed and used as recommended by Bristol. This warranty does not apply to any “Customer's Own Material” (ie, material specified by the buyer that is not a standard Bristol product offering) used in the manufacture of a Bristol product. A natural variation occurring in wood, fabric or leather is not considered a defect under the terms of this warranty. Bristol does not warrant the colorfastness or the matching of color, grain or texture of wood, fabric or leather. Bristol may discontinue some fabrics or finishes before expiration of the applicable warranty period.

EXCEPT AS STATED ABOVE, BRISTOL MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY AS TO ANY PRODUCT. BRISTOL MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Product repair or replacement in accordance with this warranty is the buyer's exclusive remedy for any and all product defects. Bristol shall not have any tort liability with respect to any product, and Bristol shall not be liable for any consequential, economic, indirect, special, punitive or incidental damages arising from any product defect.

What is covered by the warranty?

  • During first (1st) year of purchase: Complete warranty, free inspection and labor service.
  • During applicable warranty period: Limited warranty, inclusive of part cost. Inspection and labour service may apply.
  • After applicable warranty period: Bristol continues to provide service support. Parts and labor shall be sole responsibility of buyer.

Electromechanical components*


  • The warranty extending to five (5) years for electromechanical components is applicable for all models from 1 January 2017 onwards only.
  • All Vertigo height adjustment systems manufactured before 1 January 2017 are warranted with two (2) years for electromechanical components and five (5) years for structure.
  • For special applications and tender specific warranties, please consult your local Bristol representative or email us at service@bristol.com.my
  • This warranty shall not apply in the event of product defects, failure or loss resulting from the failure on the part of the purchaser to apply, install, configure, reconfigure, unauthorized maintenance or use the products in accordance to the instructions, manual, brochure or any relevant informative documents provided by Bristol.
  • This warranty shall only cover the height adjustment mechanism of the table, and not other factors such as excessive vibration or noise during the height adjustment operation.
  • This warranty is applicable if the products fail under ordinary use which means use of the products in conformance with all applicable local, state, federal or national law codes and regulations (including without limitation building and/or electrical codes) and in accordance with Bristol recommendations and/or instructions in the materials and documentation accompanying the products.


This warranty is only applicable to the system if:

  • The mains voltage is 230V AC, 50Hz or 120V AC, 60Hz for table with 2 legs and 100-240V AC, 50Hz – 60Hz (universal) for table with 3 or 4 legs.
  • The table is reset each time the main power is turned off and the structure is moved (reset is by holding the DOWN button for 3 seconds in minimum height).
  • The table is not continuously operated for more than 2 minutes at once.
  • The load on the desk is not more than 70kg including the worktop when operate the height adjustment feature.
  • The electromechanical components are free from any contact of liquids.
  • The user stop operates the height adjustment feature when the table is structurally damage.
  • The sensor protection failure happened after 2 seconds of height movements.
  • The sensor protection failure happened not during the reset phase.
  • The sensor protection failure happened not because of the collision time span is too long, e. g. if the collision is with a soft object, the warranty will not be applicable.


  • The sensor reaction will be different based on obstacle placement and form.
  • The electromechanical components will produce a louder sound and slower speed during operation when more load placed on the desk.
  • For areas prone to voltage surge or facilities using generator system as back up electricity, it is highly recommended to use circuit breaker system at the main distributor box as safety protocol to prevent damage to the electromechanical components.

Fabric and leather upholstery**
It is acknowledged that fabrics, leathers will show signs of wear and tear with normal use and exposure to local conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals; and will fade and crease. Depending on the covering and the degree of use, the upholstery materials may need to be replaced periodically, at the purchaser’s expense. You further acknowledge and agree that scars, marks, wrinkles, nicks and differing pore density and colour are natural characteristics of leather and are not to be considered defects. Bristol reserves the right to determine at its discretion whether a component has failed due to wear and tear or a defect. Any item requiring replacement due to wear and tear will be at the purchaser’s expense.

Please write to cs@bristol.com.my to schedule a warranty service.

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